Rabies Vaccination in Malawi

Mass Rabies Vaccination

Rabies is among the worst zoonotic diseases in the world and responsible for an astronomical 70,000 deaths annually. The lack of control of this viral disease continues to pose global public health challenges in the developing world.

WHO has confirmed that over 90% of confirmed and reported cases of human exposure to rabies are from domestic dogs in sub saharan Africa. ALL CREATURES is committed to providing safe, relatively cheap, and effective vaccination for dogs towards eradication of rabies in our target communities in Africa.

In Malawi, the districts of Mzimba, Chitipa, and Karonga through field reports, seem to be registering the highest number of rabies cases in the country. ALL CREATURES has partnered with the Community Veterinary Clinic in Florida and Humane Society International to carry out mass vaccination of dogs in Embangweni and Mzuzu City Council respectively.  

Rabies vaccination in Malawi

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Richard during a Mission Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Blantyre

Through the elimination of inappropriate strategies (e.g. dog culling) and developing cost effective strategies, we target to eliminate rabies from the district of Mzimba within the next three years. The City council has embarked on the process of reaching a council resolution to abolish dog culling as dog population management strategy to control rabies. In the same spirit ALL CREATURES is going to support the city council with stray animal management through establishing the first spay and neuter programme in the region. All our efforts target to fine tune our vaccination delivery strategy which needs to be effective in both coverage and cost to ensure maximum impact.

 With support from Humane Society International, the Mzuzu mass vaccination drive shall involve coordination of foot vaccinators, rabies education teachers, publicity teams, and vaccination surveillance team. The ultimate goal shall be the vaccination of at least 70% of the dog population in Mzuzu (both owned and roaming) as recommended by the World Animal Health Organisation. All our teams shall be trained and equipped with sophisticated technologies to establish the level of dog population accessibility, numbers vaccinated and data on animal welfare states of the animals in order to collect the all-important baseline information for further interventions with the city and the rural peri-urban communities.

Rabies Vaccination in Brief

All vaccinated dogs are issued vaccination certificates, registered on the android phone app and recorded into the database for future reference. Each dog is invariably injected  with 1ml of rabies vaccine, regardless of age. Cats are omitted from the exercise in order to refine the target for a more effective immunization.

We work jointly with both the Veterinary and local government staff and teams are often bolstered by local and international volunteers. Any international volunteers interested in participating in this project are encouraged to contact info@allcreaturestrust.org  or bruce@allcreaturestrust.org in May to allow for the planning on the campaign in September.