This is the first ALL CREATURES Veterinary Centre and was established in 2016 as a charity veterinary facility, to support the Animal Resource Centre as well as generate funds to supplement our programmes as well as take care of the overhead cost like, veterinary care and feeding of the our rescues, staff salaries and other occupancy expenses. The centre is located in Area 9 within 3 mins access to the National stadium, Cross Roads Hotel and two major shopping malls which provides a great opportunity for pet owners to see the vet and do some errands while their pets are kept at the clinic!!

Facility Set Up

Our set up has a 24 hr veterinarian and two experienced nurses to care for the inpatients,and outpatients. Extra support staff that ensure that all the rescue dogs are cared for and illnesses reported to the vet whenever they identify any. In addition to the professional staff, the centre is equipped with a Siemmens Mobile X-ray machine, Gas aneasthesia, inpatient kennels, isolation room, two fully equipped consultation rooms and several diagnostic equipment. 

Services offered

The facilities offers; soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, corrective surgery, dentistry and many other elective operations like spay and neuters at competitive prices. We offer other basic care like dewormers, flea treatment, consultations, laboratory profiles, inpatient care, oxygen therapy, critical care, diabetes management and other hormonal pathologies.

We provide veterinary clearnce for pet export. This mainly applies to expats departing the Malawi and would like to reduce our burden of caring for abandon pets by opting to provide lifetime care and partnership to your animals. We procees movement permits, veterinary health certificates and provide advice for pets travelling to all countries not limited to the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, United States of AMerica and  many other countries within Africa and beyond. We offer special rates to Peace Corp Volunteers in order to facilitate the repatriation of their pets. 

Opening Hours

The clinic opens from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Fridays, but offers out of hours services at an extra cost.  We only open up to 12 pm on Saturday and are closed all day on Sundays. We however attend to the inpatient pets throughout the week and are open for emergencies out of hours. Only Emergencies to allow our team some time to rest in preparation for the following week. 

All funds collected from the veterinary service goes towards sustaining our charitable status and providing much needed service to needy and homeless animals. Any extra support may be made through a  donation here; 


Veterinary Manager- Dr Evance

Fondly referred to as Dr Tich by the staff and clients, Dr Murambindi is everyones favourites vet in Lilongwe. He a chatty but very passionate vet and takes his time to understand both the patient and the client in order to administer the right treatment. 

Dr. Tichaona was born in Midlands, Zimbabwe and was selected to study in university abroad by the Ministry. He chose to study in Cuba at Central University of Las Villas where he received his degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry. After seven years of study, he accepted his first internship in Rajastan, India as a Veterinary Doctor with a animal rescue charity organization. He then interned for six months in Oman, acquiring expertise in feline health.  He chose to come to Malawi to gain experience in clinic management and livestock health. Dr. Tich has extensive knowledge from his travels and work experience. He continues to volunteer his time where there is need in places such as Zambia and Lesotho. 

Veterinary Nurse- Chipo Kiwala

Chipo is one of the nurses at the Lilongwe Veterinary Centre. Her passion for animals started as a little girl that was raised in an animals loving family in Lilongwe. Inspite of holding a degree in jourrnalism she opted to join a less financially rewarding job as a veterinary nurse at an animal charity! She is commited her time to hone her skills in the nursing care of animals and was rewared a sponsorship by Battersea UK for Intensive one week dog care training in recorgnition of her effort. Her journalism background is also reflected in her involvment in keeping our social media handles alive with current content. 

Veterinary Nurse- Tionge Mwale

Armed with just the desire to contribute positively to the animals of Malawi, Tionge has crafted an art in animal nursing and exhibitits the finese and deftness of a professional in all emergency situations. We are glad to have such a committed staff at ALL CREATURES. She extends her mothering care to the inpatient animals and her contribution to the healing of animals is enormous!