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Animal Rescues in Malawi

Owing to some of the conditions/circumstances animals are found, ALL CREATURES invariably rescues them and rehabilitates them in either the Lilongwe or the Mzuzu Animal Resource Centre. These are multipurpose facilities for the promotion of animal welfare in the region. This is characteristically the hub or Centre of our operations in a targeted region.

All our Animal Resource Centres have an Animal Shelter which runs an Animal Rescue and Adoptions, the ALL CREATURES VET CLINIC which supports the shelter and funds organisation regional programmes, and at the same time used for professional veterinary training and volunteer attachments. We have a professionally kitted-out veterinary clinic with state of the art equipment to ensure the best care of our clients’ patients. Our facilities include state of the art X-Ray and imaging equipment, laboratory diagnostics, the clinic is also equipped with state of the art isoflurane gas anesthetic equipment and oxygen concentrator and back-up to allow for the accurate and safe surgical procedures with administration anaesthesia.

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We also have pet supplies and accessories for our clients. These provide the much-needed pet supplies that may not be available locally but also serve as a keys fundraising opportunity for the trust.

The Animal Resources Centres also offer pet travel consultations to those clients that wish to transfer their animals in or outside of Lilongwe. Special privileges are provided to those individuals that have adopted our animals and are in plans of repatriating them back to their countries or new work stations.

Both the Animal Rescue and Animal Protection work is also based here. All, the animals rescued or confiscated are quarantined, rehabilitated here and therefore serve as our animal adoption Centres as well.  We cherish the invaluable partnership of Project V.E.T.S, Stitching DIO, Community Clinic Florida- USA, Eastside Veterinary Hospital Oklahoma, Animal-Kind International and various individual supporters all over the world that have supported our Animal Resource Centre. We take great pride in our clients, whose animals we care for to support our core organization objectives, without whose support all, it would be difficult to meet the present achievements.

For appointments on veterinary consult or surgery, adoption, pet travel services, house call or donation please call 01751934 or email