Duty of Care for Animals is our responsibility.

Animal Legislation & Enforcement

While it is true, for all domestic animals, that animal ownership comes with certain prerogatives to the owner, ALL CREATURES has the unwavering belief that the vast majority of people will treat their animals with love and care although there is often deviants to this norm that subject their animals to suffering. It is these few individuals that invoke the employment of the Malawi Animal Protection Laws/ Act.

Through a community network and by mandate divested from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Development, ALL CREATURES promotes ethical and compassionate utilization of animals to ensure protection from unnecessary suffering. We emphasize animal owners’ appreciation of their duty of care and responsibility and define what constitutes of basic specific animal needs in order to adequately provide for them. This program endeavours to underpin this duty with clear regulations and guidelines for responsible and law abiding animal owners to avoid animal cruelty, unnecessary suffering and as a result maintain acceptable animal welfare standards in Malawi.


Our work

Our staff work very closely with both the police and government veterinary personnel in enforcing the Malawi Animal Welfare Legislation. We support both the Cities of Lilongwe and Mzuzu with Animal Control function under the respective city bylaws. We attend  to all reported and observed cases of animal cruelty, in the areas of our operations. We also a appeal to the public to report any suspected cases of animal cruelty or suffering to our regional offices. We maintain a log of public reports and encourage all the whistleblowers to check on the progress of case investigations when response is not as fast as desired.

While the aim of our response is to temporarily retrieve the animals whenever its deemed necessary and effect corrective measures within a specified period of time, ALL CREATURES seeks to explore corrective measures before any animal is extracted. However, if retrieved, the animal is not returned to their known home environment before corrective measure is taken to improve the animal’s wellbeing. We reserve the option of prosecution in courts of law of uncooperative individuals. All these efforts largely depend on the Malawi Police Services and financial availability. For further information on the exercises contact us on

Public Policy and Legislation

Through the same thematic programme area, ALL CREATURES contributes to the Livestock component in the formulation of public policies and legislation that impact on animals' wellbeing. Primary focus and achievement this year was the strong animal welfare inclusion the Malawi 2017-2022 National Livestock Policy &  National Livestock Strategy. We have also contributed to the formulation of the Animal Control By Laws of the Cities of Lilongwe and Mzuzu. The organisation has also been involved in the formulation of the Africa Animal Welfare Strategy and Africa Platform for Animal Welfare in conjunction with partners and the AU-IBAR.

With the kind support of the HSUS/HSI the Malawi 1970 animal cruelty legislation shall be replaced with one of duty of care for the year 2018. The Human Society of the United States has committed to support the Ministry of Agriculture with this process with ALL CREATURES as the grounds partner.

The organisation values the role of public policy in animal wellbeing and ensures that animals always are catered for in any pertinent legislation and ensures that they do not get a raw deal.

World Animal Day in Malawi


We hope to make this world happier.