Humane Education.....

Humane Education

The connection between animal compassion, environment protection and community livelihoods is still not clearly appreciated in our society. Through Roots and Shoots Malawi Programme, ALL CREATURES has found a perfect fit for ensuring that the above mentioned three facets are adequately catered for in our humane education strategy. None the less, the promotion of animal wellbeing has an overarching agenda in this process and continues to hold a central place in our humane education activities.

​​​​​​​This far IFAW has continued offering support for our education through providing dissemination information material specific to companion animal and wildlife messages as well as direct support.

While some individuals and indeed communities in Africa embrace responsibility  for their animals as a value, the approximations of animal welfare through the basic provisions of nourishment, veterinary care & a comfortable environment still needs to be taught in many of our communities.

​​​​​​​This disparity of knowledge between the developed and developing world is compounded by the general poverty faced by a majority of these communities but our humane education has a big role to play in closing this knowledge gap. It is therefore obvious that our education programme seeks to tackle deep seated ideas and beliefs which often stand in the way of giving proper care to animals.

Reaching out to children to dispel some bad traditions and attitudes in their formative ages provides an opportunity to impress on them early. This will result in a society that is generally conscious of animal welfare and is sympathetic toward animals.

As already mentioned, our efforts are supported in part by the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), we have also partnered with partnering with the Jane Goodall Institute to operate through the globally successful Roots and Shoots frame-work to advance a community led animal and environment sensitive projects.

Our Work

Currently our work targets 104 primary government schools and orphanages in Lilongwe and Mzuzu District As mentioned above humane education is the back bone of our animal welfare promotion because we are desirous of attitudinal change but with societal behavioral change as the ultimate goal. Teaching animal compassion in schools and serving as many students as possible with this message shall create a crop of citizens that hold animal wellbeing as a basic value.

The lessons are always very exciting for the pupils because the lessons are interactive and the pupil that positively responds to the questions asked at the end of the lesson wins an award. The lesson plan includes a video presentation regularly to help the pupils retain as much of the information as they possibly can. The equipment used for the video presentations was generously provided by IFAW, these include a generator, a projector and some DVDs.

Human Education is KEY to sustainable living

Through our engagement with the Ministry of Education ALL CREATURES strategically  lobbys to incorporate Humane Education in the primary school curriculum. With an already well received extracurricular Humane Education, it’s clear that this would be the next obvious step that we have to undertake in collaboration with other partners.  

Our Humane Education work is not restricted to schools and orphanages; our work encompasses community education where we maximize on opportunities talk to people during our outreach programs such as the Free Spay and Neuter Programs and our free Dog Dipping Campaigns. In a bid to increase on the potential of the educators to address humane education needs of the pupils, we also plan to run teacher training education workshops to equip them first with the need to introduce children to compassion towards animals, their roles and the critical content that they need for their classes. It is ALL CREATURES' goal to ensure that humane education is self-propelling and made a core addition to the teachers’ training colleges.

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The Children’s League

ALL CREATURES CHILDREN’S LEAGUE is the brain-child of Martha Ssuna, the eight year old daughter of Dr. Richard Ssuna and Founder of ALL CREATURES. The spirited little Martha is determined to save the animals of the planet and in her quest to do so she approached several of her friends and recruited them into the LEAGUE. The aim of the league is to instill in young people the attitude of caring for animals and to give them a platform to be actively involved in advocating for the welfare of animals. The League has over the past few months held various activities in pursuit of fulfilling its aim. Some of the activities have included baking and selling dog biscuits, making and selling animal themed Christmas cards and a fun Easter egg hunt. We are very confident that these little troopers will grow into firm adherers of animal welfare principles and will always advocate for and educate others about the same.

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