Support Any of Our Causes

Rabies Vaccination Donations

Rabies kills 55,000 people (mainly kids) annually. Donate against this cause and save both animals and humans.


$5 - Vaccinates one dog 

$500- is enough to conduct one rabies vaccination clinic in                         one village.

$10,000- Is needed for the whole City of Mzuzu!!! Vaccination over 


Farm Animals Welfare Donations

East Coast fever is of major economic importance to livestock farmers in Africa, killing at least one million cattle each year.


$10   - Provides one cow lifetime immunity to East Coast Fever in cattle through our vaccination campaign

$ 250- Can support one veterinary community outreach

$500 - Can vaccinate 40 cattle against East Coast Fever

Animal Protection Donations

$10    - Can sensitize 30 people (including) on their duty towards their animals.

$ 50    -  Can help rescue one animal in distress to the Shelter.

$200  - This is what we would need to fully prosecute a case of animal cruelty in courts of law.

Community Spay Day Donations

$5      - Is needed to vaccinate one dog against rabies 

$20    - Can sterilize one female dog  

$100  -Can pay for all our veterinary costs for one day

$500  -We can vaccinate 100 dogs against rabies

$1000-Is what we need to run  one community veterinary clinic


Education Programmes Donations

$25 - Is what is required to hold a fifty (50) pupils humane education class

$500 -We can visit 10 schools and reach out to over 1000 kids

$1000 - Is what we would need to run our education programme per month,                   reaching out to 5000 kids  


Animal Rescue & Shelter Donations

$10 - Is needed for the annual vaccination of one dog 

$25- Can purchase hygiene and sanitation materials for 1 day

$100- Can take care of the veterinary care for one month

$250- Can feed all our dogs for one month